#521 : Best Films of the 1990s


In this listener-suggested episode, Jared, Joe, and Michael share their ten favorite films of the 1990s while trying to predict what each other will pick. Joe proposes a film called Magua Unchained. Jared’s list is dominated by 1995 cinema. Michael completely forgets his #1 of the decade.


#448 : Essential Cinema for the Trump Era


It’s no secret to regular listeners that Michael, Jared, and Joe are wary of the incoming U.S. president and his administration. Just before the inauguration, the guys, in the most overtly political RF episode to date, reveal their top five films for the Trump Era. Joe uses one of his selections as a stealth recommendation. Michael asks everyone to check their news sources.

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The Importance of Trey Parker & Matt Stone

They really are just a couple of sweet boys.

by Michael Neelsen

As filmmakers and film enthusiasts, you can assume we here at ATA have some very firmly held beliefs on the subject of censorship and the first amendment. We artists cling to our words and images like conservatives “cling to their guns and religion” (oohh, weren’t expecting a political reference, were ya?).

For the past eighteen years there has been a comedy duo on the front lines of the eternal “freedom of speech” battlefield, and their manifestations of foul-mouthed third graders, Mormon porn stars and cannibalistic cowboys have fought the good fight, tasting victories and defeats for the good of artists everywhere.

I’m talking, of course, about Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Continue reading “The Importance of Trey Parker & Matt Stone” »

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