#448 : Essential Cinema for the Trump Era


It’s no secret to regular listeners that Michael, Jared, and Joe are wary of the incoming U.S. president and his administration. Just before the inauguration, the guys, in the most overtly political RF episode to date, reveal their top five films for the Trump Era. Joe uses one of his selections as a stealth recommendation. Michael asks everyone to check their news sources.

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#114 : LOOPER


The guys chat Rian Johnson’s new film LOOPER, Michael mispronounces the title to Alex Gibney’s new documentary MEA MAXIMA CULPA, they debate the quality of IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE and RUDY and compare Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon Levitt’s earlobes. Fascinating listening.

#114 – LOOPER

[audio http://www.reelfanatics.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/114-looper.mp3]

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