The guys discuss the latest MCU movie, and Jared has a strong objection to a particular scene. Joe finally finds an essay film he really likes, but Michael questions that categorization.


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  • Nathan

    In terms of the ‘where is the MCU going’ question, I think there are a few big possibilities. I’d say considering how they built on certain aspects of Scarlet Witch and her thing with Vision in Civil War, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they adapted the whole story of her losing her children, having a nervous breakdown, losing control of her power and becoming a threat to the other Avengers.

    Since they seem very intent on building and including Marvel’s off-Earth world and villains, we could very likely see a Skrull invasion soon. Although much less likely imo, they might even take that storyline to its full extent, with Norman Osborn becoming director of SHIELD after Fury and Stark drop the ball and then falling back from grace after failing to invade Asgard.

    If legal stuff works out, we could easily have Luke Cage, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman and the Sentry joining the Avengers eventually. Sam Wilson or Bucky will probably become Captain America soon, as I’ve heard Chris Evans is almost done with his contract. If RJD drops out, I highly doubt they’d use the 16 year old black girl that replaced Stark after he died in the comics last year, so that’s up in the air. Kate Bishop, the new Hawkeye, is a major fan favorite, so she might show up. So… if they do any or all of that… that’s another decade and a half at least.

    • Good stuff. We mentioned you and your analysis in our Spider-Man: Homecoming episode, which should be posted in a week or so.

  • Justin Schober

    You guys recorded the episode before Joe and I realized ‘the podcast’ he recorded with his friends was Reel Fanatics. Once this realization came about, I was like ‘we met a few years ago at a film boot camp in Milwaukee.’ Also, Michael and I used to work together at a cinema here in Madison back in 2007. So I have had ties with two-thirds of the hosts of this podcast through jobs I’ve worked.

    Thanks for the mention in the show. To expand more on why I saw the film 4 times that weekend, I aimed to see it by myself first thing on Friday, really liked it and saw it first thing Saturday morning by myself. My friend with whom I always watch the Marvel movies with, we went to see it Saturday evening, and a friend of mine who said they were going to see it on the IMAX Sunday morning, and I thought that would be a different viewing experience so ‘why not.’

    Love the podcast, keep up the great work!

    • Thanks! You got a shoutout in our latest episode (Baby Driver)!